Jurnal Teknik Industri 2021-05-07T09:36:06+07:00 Dr. Siana Halim Open Journal Systems <table cellpadding="7"> <tbody> <tr> <td valign="middle"><a href=""><img style="border-style: none;" src="" alt="" /></a></td> <td align="justify" valign="top"> <p>The Jurnal Teknik Industri is published biannually, in June and December, by Petra Christian University. Jurnal Teknik Industri aims to:<br />Promote a comprehensive approach to the application of industrial engineering in industries as well as incorporating viewpoints of different disciplines in industrial engineering.<br />Strengthen academic exchange with other institutions<br />Encourage scientist, practicing engineers, and others to conduct research and other similar activities.<br />The Jurnal Teknik Industri accredited by the Directorate General of Higher Education of Indonesia since 2003, with its decree: No. 35/DIKTI/Kep/2003; No. 45/DIKTI/Kep/2006; No. 83/DIKTI/Kep/2OO9; No. 56/DIKTl/Kep/20I2; No. 32a/E/KPT/2017</p> <p><a href=" Akreditasi JTI 2017.pdf" target="_blank" rel="noopener">accreditation certificate</a></p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> The Application of Analysis Network Process for Selecting Raw Material Suppliers of UNP 100 2021-04-24T22:14:54+07:00 Kirana Ririh Fikri Taufiq Rahman <p><em>Selection of suppliers is important, where the selection of the right supplier of goods, not only suppliers who can provide quality material, on time, and at affordable prices, but also must provide optimal service both in terms of responsiveness, smooth communication and information. The method used to determine alternative supplier solutions based on several factors can be done using ANP. ANP or Analytic Network Process is a mathematical theory that allows a decision maker to deal with related factors (dependence) and feedback (feedback) systematically. This research was conducted at PT. XYZ This research begins with a literature study first, followed by giving a questionnaire to the company, where the results of the questionnaire are used as a reference factor for this study. After distributing the questionnaire, calculations are carried out to assess which supplier is more appropriate. The result of this calculation is PT. KPPE has the highest priority value weight, namely 0.346, followed by suppliers of PT. KPS with a weighted value of 0.344 and suppliers of PT. SME with a value of 0.31.</em></p> Copyright (c) Usulan Proses Bisnis Pelayanan Izin Mendirikan Bangunan DPMPT Kabupaten Garut 2021-04-24T15:23:39+07:00 Dewi Rahmawati <p>DPMPT adalah salah satu dinas yang mengelola dan menerbitkan Surat Izin Mendirikan Bangunan (IMB) dengan <em>Standar Operasional Prosedur </em>(SOP) sekitar tujuh hari di Kabupaten Garut, tetapi data pada <em>website </em>&nbsp;standar pengerjaan antara 17-30 hari. Untuk melakukan penerbitan IMB, pihak DPMPT melakukan kerjasama dengan tim teknis dari dinas lainnya untuk memverifikasi dokumen IMB, dimana lokasi tim teknis berbeda, sehingga berpotensi proses penerbitan IMB dilapangan melebihi standar yang diharapkan atau mencapai 2-3 bulan. Hal tersebut terjadi karena faktor internal pada penyampaian informasi yang tidak akurat, tidak lengkap dan tidak bisa tepat waktu serta faktor ekternal yang disebabkan oleh keterlambatan masyarakat dalam membayar retribusi IMB. Oleh karena itu, penelitian&nbsp; menggunakan metode BPR di sektor pemerintah lokal yang tidak banyak meneliti, untuk memberikan usulan perbaikan secara radikal dengan pendekatan 6 tahapan BPR dengan didukung oleh managemen perubahan dan &nbsp;teknologi informasi (TI) serta &nbsp;menggabungkan beberapa <em>tools</em> yang digunakan para penelitian sebelumnya. Hasil usulan penelitian pelayanan IMB, dapat membantu untuk mengurangi pemborosan (<em>waste</em>) pada pelayanan, membuat managemen puncak dan staff untuk bertanggung jawab dalam melakukan perbaikan dan penggunaan teknologi informasi yang transparan membantu percepatan pada penerbitan IMB. Oleh karena itu, diperlukan komunikasi yang cukup baik antar bagian dan diperlukan dukungan managemen puncak dan staff dalam melakukan perbaikan.</p> Copyright (c) P Perancangan Tata Letak 2021-04-14T19:52:47+07:00 Ata Barbara <p><em>PT.XXX</em><em> is a company engaged in the field of transformers which produces several types of transformers. Transformer production process is made to order a production process that has a fluctuating pattern. Companies also often cannot estimate the number of transformers that will be produced to meet consumer demand.</em></p> <p><em>The purpose of this study is to improve plant layout with an efficient layout. One method used in this study is the Activity Relationship Chart and From To Chart methods. Activity Relationship Chart and From To Chart are methods that can help solve problems which are then explained in more detail through several stages of completion to the optimal point.</em></p> <p><em>This research is expected to produce a more efficient layout using the Activity Relationship Chart and From To Chart&nbsp; methods</em></p> Copyright (c) Assessing Dimension of Engagement Affecting Students’ Learning Satisfaction in Co-curricular Education Program Using Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling 2021-04-07T08:52:34+07:00 Amalia Dini Putri Prady Muhammad Arya Zamal <p>This study investigated agentic engagement, behavioural engagement, cognitive engagement, and emotional engagement to students' learning satisfaction in the co-curricular education program. Partial least squares structural equation modelling was used to examine the relationships between the constructs. The study took place in co-curricular activities that are yearly orientation and training program for the new members' inauguration in the undergraduate students' union at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Data were collected from 65 participants through online surveys. The results indicated that learning satisfaction is significantly affected by emotional engagement and cognitive engagement. Emotional engagement is the critical driver construct for students' learning satisfaction. Other than that, cognitive engagement has a relatively weaker effect on students' learning satisfaction. This study also strengthened the theory of engagement by identifying its existence in a non-profit organization that is a students' union in Indonesia.</p> Copyright (c) Pengaruh Green Supply Chain Management Terhadap Kinerja Perusahaan 2021-04-01T12:30:11+07:00 fandi ahmad <p>Penelitian ini berfokus pada evaluasi implementasi <em>Green Supply Chain Management </em>(GSCM) di PT Natamast Plast, peneliti mencoba menganalisis hubungan GSCM dengan empat aspek <em>Organization Performance</em> serta mencoba mengidentifikasi dan mengetahui hubungan dari sepuluh dimensi yang menjadi fokus pada penelitian ini. Penelitian termasuk pada janis kualitatif dimana peneliti mencoba mengolah data dengan menggunakan pendekatan analisis korelasi dan analisis regresi, dengan harapkan dapat menunjukkan tingkat kinerja perusahaan yang ditinjau dari perspektif GSCM, selanjutnya peneliti mencoba mengidentifikasi hambatan yang terjadi selama pengimplementasian GSCM. Dari hasil pengolahan data menunjukkan bahwa kinerja perusahaan PT. Natamas Plast dalam penerapan GSCM masih terbilang rendah, oleh karena itu komitmen manajemen dan dukungan karyawan sangat dibutuhkan, karena merupakan faktor penting dalam penerapan GSCM.</p> Copyright (c) Demystifying Social Impact in Financial Inclusion 2021-04-01T09:23:22+07:00 Anggita Leviastuti Ilham Reza Prasetyo <p>Identifying social impact of an investment is paramount in determining whether an intervention contributes a net positive effect towards sustainability. This study examines whether productive loans raised by an Indonesian Fintech Peer-to-peer Lending (FPL) organization, leads to social impact towards its beneficiaries. Using the logic model, relationships have been observed between microloans and potential realization of poverty alleviation, better living condition, and community engagement. Achievement of the aforementioned longer-term impact, however, remains a question considering the discretionary nature of how the loans are used, as well as whether the entrepreneurial drive does exist. Finally, despite the promising impact of non-monetary interventions performed by FPL, the current scheme still leaves the door open for scalability.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Copyright (c) Workload Analysis of Building Materials Workers in UD Selo Tirto Using the Cardiovascular Load and NASA-TLX Method 2021-03-30T13:45:16+07:00 Anisa Rosyidasari <p>UD Selo Tirto is the home industry that produces various kinds of building materials such as bricks, paving, concrete, loster, and lisplang. A home industry always makes improvements in every line to produce high quality products. Workers are an important element in a production as well as an important asset. Every job in UD Selo Tirto has a different level of workload, both physical and mental workload. There are many workloads that are not suitable for workers, this causes a decrease in the productivity level of a company. This study aims to measure the physiological workload and psychological workload of workers in the production section of the UD Selo Tirto home industry and provide recommendations to improve the work system. Measurement of the physiological workload is done by calculating the proportion of CVL and energy consumption of each worker by measuring the pulse, while the measurement of the psychological workload is carried out using the NASA-TLX method.</p> Copyright (c) TWO-PHASE FUZZY FMEA AND QFD IMPLEMENTATION METHOD TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FAILURE IN MANUFACTURING COMPANIES 2021-03-30T13:33:49+07:00 Andreas Wijaya Kasrun <p>Engineering to Order is a production system with a high variance of product. To fulfil market demand, ETO company must develop new products to adjust customer needs. Due to the high variety of products, the ETO company has a problem controlling the failure because the failure mode and failure cause are different. This research aims to reduce failure, using the combined method Fuzzy FMEA and two-stage QFD to map all the failure causes and failure modes. FMEA method is used to map all the failure mode, failure cause, and failure effect. The fuzzy method is also used to calculate the FMEA to reduce the vagueness in scoring. Two-stage QFD is used to eliminate the shortcoming of risk priority number and map the prioritization of failure to eliminate. Fifty-three failure causes are successfully mapped and prioritized in this case.</p> Copyright (c) Application of Artificial Neural Network for Forecasting Demand Bottled Drinking Water by Using Backpropagation Algorithm 2021-03-22T15:39:40+07:00 Prima Denny Sentia <p>The erratic demand for BDW products caused the sales target not to be achieved for several periods. One of the efforts that can be made by the management so that the amount of production is correct is by forecasting demand. This study aims to determine the best forecasting model using the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method with the Backpropagation algorithm, supervised learning. The activation function used is the binary sigmoid function (logsig). Based on the result, the best architectural model is found in neurons 3-4-1 with an MSE value of 0.0002 and a MAPE value of 2.346%.</p> Copyright (c) Online Pricing for Small Medium Enterprises’ Products in the Ex-Localization of Dolly Surabaya 2021-03-07T12:16:25+07:00 Ig. Jaka Mulyana Ivan Gunawan Dian Trihastuti Yehezkiel Prakoso Dwi Agustin <p>Numerous Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) do not have a basic method in pricing decisions. Many times, this decision comes up based on an intuitive probe instead of a detailed analysis. This could lead to marketing problems, which may result in disruptions of financial liquidity. This also applies to SMEs wishing to sell products through the online channel. They need a proper pricing strategy, considering its different marketing strategies. Sales made through both offline channels (conventional stores) and online channels are known as Dual-Channel Supply Chain (DCSC). It is argued that the pricing decision at DCSC needs to consider consumer preferences in selecting the sales channel. One assumption commonly adopted in the DCSC pricing model is that the lost value if consumers purchase products through online channels. Therefore, the pricing decision for the online channel should be cheaper than the price on the offline channel. This study aims to assist SMEs in the ex-localization of Dolly in Surabaya in determining the price of products to be sold through online channels. Three types of products: batik, chips, and leather shoes were selected as research samples to represent the product groups: craft, fashion, and processed food. This study proposes an optimal online price strategy through experiments with a mathematical model. Model parameters, namely consumer preferences in choosing sales channels, are obtained through surveys. Apart from that, surveys are also used to reveal which platforms consumers are interested in shopping online. Shopee and Instagram were chosen by respondents as the most popular marketplaces and social media for online shopping. Finally, the online prices proposed for the batik product are IDR 82,500-IDR 66,000; chips Rp7,620-Rp6,336; and leather shoes Rp.103,800-Rp82,200.</p> Copyright (c) The IRIS1103 Information System Service Quality Analysis Using Importance Performance Analysis Method 2021-02-22T11:53:01+07:00 Oksiana Tiovani Eko Pujiyanto Eko Liquiddanu <p>The advances in science and technology that have occurred right now, have created new human behavior and habits. Nowadays, human activities can be carried out quickly, easily and practically. One invention that is often used today is a web-based information system. As web-based information system, IRIS1103 able to provide services to lecturers both as researchers and servants in terms of inputting proposal data to final reports and outputs. Also provide information about research and community service in Sebelas Maret University. To measure the service quality of IRIS1103, service quality questionnaire was distributed to lecturers, and it was found that information system service quality is satisfactory. Based on IPA quadrant, interface design must be priority in making improvement.</p> Copyright (c) A Performance Measurement Using Overall Equipment Effectiveness for Hydro Test Equipment: Case Study in Valve Manufacturing 2021-02-20T09:19:39+07:00 Utomo <p>Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) has been developed from the basis of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) where OEE is a benchmark for measuring the performance of a machine or equipment. The value of OEE in the valve manufacturing, testing is the critical step to validate the design by hydro testing. The factors that influence the value of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) are availability, performance efficiency, and quality rate. Studies around the world show that the average OEE rate in a company is 50% (Stamatis, 2017). World Class OEE around 85% or more with value factors: availability 90.0%, performance 95.0%, and the quality rate is 99.9%. This research is based on the measuring performance of hydro test equipment through the achievement of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) comparing to the world class standard of OEE. Where the OEE target that has been set by the company is 45%, while the current machine performance is around 20.4%. So that an increase in performance is needed by eliminating six big losses in order to meet the expected performance target.</p> Copyright (c) Optimizing The Waiting time for drug services using the Lean Hospital method in the outpatient pharmacy of the hospital (Case Study: Grha Permata Ibu Hospital, Depok) 2021-02-15T09:56:18+07:00 Rini Alfatiyah <p>Grha Permata Ibu Hospital is one of the major hospitals in Depok with adequate facilities in its services. One of the main factors in-hospital services is drug service at the pharmacy. Often the problem in drug service is the long waiting time for drug provision, therefore this study was conducted to identify the waste that occurs in drug services in outpatient pharmacies using the Lean hospital method by making Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Process Activity Mapping. (PAM). This study was also conducted with quantitative research methods to see the optimization in the queuing system for drug services in outpatient pharmacies. Meanwhile, the results of the observation and calculation of the queuing system in drug service at the pharmacy are that the speed of prescription arrival is 0.297 minutes, for the calculation of the speed of prescription service is 3.366 minutes per patient, the expected waiting time in the system is 0.32 minutes per patient, the expected time waiting in the queue is 0.029 minutes per patient. Based on the results of the percentage of Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE), it is known that the efficiency of activity time in drug services in outpatient pharmacies has increased by 10.8% from the exclusive system. The results of these observations made suggestions for improvements in drug services in outpatient pharmacies.</p> Copyright (c) Assessment of Tempeh SME’s Technological Readiness to Fulfill the Product Standard SNI 3144:2015 2021-01-19T07:58:49+07:00 Ekty Nabilah Tempeh is one of the Indonesian food that has high demand for its high nutrituion at a relatively cheap price. To protect the national industry, the government has set the national product standard to support productivity, quality, processes, services, in order to improve the competitiveness of the industry. Badan Standarisasi Nasional (National Standarization Agency) has published a tempeh standard product regulation document in SNI 3144:2015 to improve the quality of the product and to protect consumers against the safety of products. However, most of the tempeh producer do not really aware the importance of implementing standards in their business. Technology play an important role in production process in fulfilling the standards. This research aims to identify Tempeh Small Medium Enterprise (SME) technological readiness to fulfill the tempeh product standard by analyzing the gap between the existing technology sophistication in SMEs and the product standards using modified Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method. Three SMEs were surveyed in this study. The fulfillment of the technological aspects is focused on technoware (machinery and equipment) and humanware (human resource competence). The results of this study shows that some of the SMEs does not conform to the standard so that an improvement are needed to be made. The proposed improvements are made based on good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines. Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Jurnal 2021-01-18T09:32:18+07:00 Rifky Riansyah Jurnal Teknik Industri Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Abstrak 2021-01-18T07:44:42+07:00 Rifky Riansyah Abstrak Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Analisis Kelayakan Botol dengan Dua Ukuran 2021-01-18T07:42:55+07:00 Muhammad Ghifari Dyandra Ferrel Widyantara <p>Botol minum adalah salah satu dari sekian banyak barang yang hampir kita temui setiap hari, botol minum sekali pakai merupakan salah satu dari banyak nya limbah plastik yang dapat mencemari lingkungan, maka dari itu menciptakan produk baru atau inovasi dari botol minum perlu dilakukan studi kelayakan untuk mengetahui risiko-risiko bisnis yang akan terjadi. Jenis penelitian yang digunakan adalah penelitian kualitatif dan kuantitatif. Sumber data yang digunakan adalah data primer melalui metode kuesioner yang disebarkan secara online.</p><p>Teknik analisis yang digunakan untuk menilai kelayakan produk, yaitu dengan menggunakan analisis metode kualitatif seperti aspek teknis, aspek pasar, aspek manajemen, aspek yuridis, dan aspek lingkungan. Analisis metode kuantitatif meliputi kriteria penilaian Analisis Break Event Point (BEP), Payback Period (PP), Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), dan Profitability Index (PI).</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Analisis Studi Kelayakan Usaha Perancangan Produk Botol Minum Plastik Elektrik “Heatro” 2021-01-18T07:40:46+07:00 Sulthan Ariefta Nura Prasetya <p>Goals from this researh is to analyze the aspect of business feasibilty which is came with Electric drinking<br />bottle under the brand “Heatro” that soon will be marketed. “Heatro is an electrical bottle product with plastic<br />base material that has water heater feature. There is some aspect of business feasibility in question are the analyze<br />of HOQ. juridical aspect, technical and technological aspect, market and marketing aspect, financial aspect,<br />organizational aspect, competition aspect, and also the environment (AMDAL) aspect. The process of collecting<br />data for HOQ is done by giving questionnaires in the form about the features that should be needed for the product<br />design. The result obtained in the analysis of business feasibility study of “Heatro” product is considered feasible<br />based on the financial aspect with the calculation of payback period 3 years and 9 month, NPV (Rp. 125.718.072<br />&gt; 0) and IRR (58% &gt; 3,75%), and for the Net B/CR (1,6 &gt; 1) and also for several aspect which is concluded that<br />this business was feasible and ready to product and marketed</p><p> </p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Anaisis Kelayakan Produk Rak Buku Kayu Desain Natural Pohon Sektor Industri 4.0 Kewirausahaan 2021-01-18T07:38:34+07:00 Doni Setio Pambudi Di Indonesia sangat beragam kekayaan hutan yang melimpah sehingga sering dijadikan sebuah mebel terutama sebuah rak buku sehingga sangat mudah untuk dijumpai, akan tetapi kebanyakan dari rak buku kayu yang dibuat memiliki kekurangan baik dari segi bentuk, desain dan juga fungsi. Artikel ini bertujuan untuk membuat inovasi rak buku menjadi multifungsi, desain yang menarik, bentuk yang unik serta kualitas yang baik. Metode yang digunakan yaitu analisis kelayakan sebuah produk untuk mencari nilai HPP (Harga Pokok Penjualan), ROI (Return On Investasion), Cash Flow, Pay Back Periode, BEP (Break Even Poin) yang diambil menggunakan data kuesioner, produk rak buku kayu desain natural (pohon) memiliki kualitas dan harga yang terjangkau sehinnga produk ini dapat bersaing dengan produk rak buku kayu lainnya serta dapat membuka usaha dan lowongan pekerjaan sehingga produk ini juga mampu untuk di kenal oleh orang-orang. Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Inovasi Produk dan Analisis Kelayakan Bisnis pada Lemari Pakaian Kayu 2021-01-18T07:36:15+07:00 Aviska Nuravianti Risma Fitriani <p>Lemari pakaian merupakan kebutuhan penting untuk menyimpan pakaian agar tetap bersih dan rapih. Perkembangan produk lemari pakaian masih terbatas pada fungsinya yaitu hanya digunakan untuk menyimpan pakaian. Lemari pakaian kayu dapat dikembangkan menjadi lemari pakaian dan hijab yang dapat digunakan untuk menyimpan pakaian dan hijab serta perlengkapan lainnya. Inovasi produk yang dilakukan dapat memberi peluang untuk meningkatkan penjualan produk. Produk inovasi yang dibuat dapat memberikan solusi dan variasi baru. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kebutuhan konsumen dan kelayakan bisnis pada inovasi produk lemari pakaian kayu menjadi lemari pakaian dan hijab. Metode pengumpulan data yang digunakan pada penelitian yaitu melakukan kuisioner kepada 30 responden yang berdomisili di kabupaten Karawang dengan rentang usia 17 sampai 21 tahun untuk mengetahui kebutuhan dan keinginan terhadap produk lemari pakaian kayu. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan kebutuhan dan keinginan konsumen pada lemari pakaian kayu adalah lemari yang kuat, awet, aman, bahan berkualitas, warna yang menarik, memiliki bentuk yang unik, multifungsi, praktis, dapat dibongkar, ringan, modern, memiliki penyimpanan yang banyak, tidak mengahabiskan tempat, nyaman, harga terjangkau, dan mudah didapatkan. Evaluasi peluang usaha dilakukan dengan menganalisis tujuh aspek yaitu aspek yuridis, aspek teknis dan teknologi, aspek pasar dan pemasaran, aspek finansial, aspek organisasional, aspek persaingan dan aspek kajian SKB (Amdal).</p><p><em>The wardrobe is an important requirement for storing clothes to keep them clean and tidy. The development of wardrobe products is still limited to its function, which is only used to store clothes. Wooden wardrobes can be expanded into wardrobes and hijabs that can be used to store clothes and hijabs and other equipment. Product innovation that is carried out can provide opportunities to increase product sales. Innovative products that are created can provide new solutions and variations. This study aims to determine the needs of consumers and business feasibility in the innovation of wooden wardrobe products into wardrobes and hijabs. The data collection method used in this research is to conduct questionnaires to 30 respondents who live in Karawang district with an age range of 17 to 21 years to determine the needs and desires of wooden wardrobe products. The results show that the needs and desires of consumers for wooden wardrobes are strong, durable, safe, quality materials, attractive colors, unique shapes, multifunctional, practical, can be disassembled, light, modern, have a lot of storage, do not waste place, comfortable, affordable, and easy to find. Evaluation of business opportunities is carried out by analyzing seven aspects, namely juridical aspects, technical and technological aspects, market and marketing aspects, financial aspects, organizational aspects, competition aspects and SKB assessment aspects (Amdal).</em></p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri KARAKTERISASI PAVING BLOCK KOMPOSIT MENGGUNAKAN MATEIAL BATU BASALT DAN ABU SEKAM PADI 2021-01-15T08:37:11+07:00 Sudibyo Sudibyo Muhammad Amin Miftakhul Jannah Pulung Karo Karo <p><em>Paving block</em><strong> </strong>(bata beton) adalah suatu komposisi bahan bangunan yang terbuat dari campuran semen portland atau bahan perekat hidrolis lainnya. Pembuatan <em>paving block</em> dilakukan dengan proses pencetakan, perendaman, pengujian fisik meliputi kuat tekan, berat jenis,porositas, dan absorpsi, serta karakterisasi meliputi XRF dan XRD. <em>Paving block</em> ini dibuat dengan tanpa penambahan batu basalt dan abu sekam padi dan dengan penambahan 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% dan 25% dengan umur uji selama 7 hari, 14 hari dan 28 hari. Bahan yang digunakan yaitu semen, pasir, batu basalt, abu sekam padi dan air. <em>Paving block </em>tanpa penambahan batu basalt dan abu sekam padi memiliki kuat tekan tertinggi pada umur uji 28 hari sebesar 9,9MPa dan absorpsi sebesar 15,06%, sedangkan dengan penambahan batu basalt dan abu sekam padi kuat tekan tertinggi pada konsentrasi 5% di umur uji 28 hari sebesar 12,25 MPa dan nilai absorpsi sebesar 7,12%. Hasil karakterisasi XRF menunjukkan bahwa semakin banyak konsentrasi batu basalt dan abu sekam padi maka CaO yang terkandung dalam <em>paving block </em>semakin bertambah sedangkan SiO<sub>2 </sub>semakin berkurang. Hasil karakterisasi XRD menunjukkan bahwa fasa yang terbentuk yaitu fasa <em>ternesite</em>, <em>microcline maximum</em> dan <em>yeelimite</em>.</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Analisis Quality Function Deployment dan Studi Kelayakan Bisnis Perancangan Produk Rak Buku Kayu Silang dengan Roda 2021-01-13T13:01:02+07:00 Muhammad Reza Akbar <p>Perancangan produk rak buku kayu silang dilakukan berdasarkan kebutuhan dan permintaan serta analisis kelayakan bisnis. Analisis kebutuhan dan permintaan konsumen dilakukan melalui pengisian kuesioner yang didistribusikan secara <em>online</em> dengan jumlah responden sebanyak 32 orang. Proses pengisian kuesioner dilakukan dalam dua tahap yaitu kuesioner <em>eksternal</em> dan <em>internal</em>. Data tersebut digunakan pada metode <em>Quality Function Deployment</em> (QFD) lalu disajikan dalam bentuk <em>House of Quality</em> (HOQ) untuk mengetahui nilai daya saing dengan produk pesaing serta kebutuhan rancangan yang diinginkan responden. berdasarkan data penilaian persaingan pada metode QFD pada HOQ mendapat indeks lebih tinggi, berdasarkan aspek kelayakan bisnis mulai dari analisis pasar dan pemasaran, analisis teknis dan teknologi memenuhi kriteria yang ada. Pada aspek kelayakan investasi dalam periode 5 tahun menggunakan metode ekonomi teknik, dihasilkan bahwa nilai <em>payback period</em> 4.2 tahun, <em>rate of investment</em> 37%, <em>net present value </em>Rp 256,240,772, <em>internal rate of return </em>10.32%, dan <em>benefit cost ratio </em>1.37. Pada penelitian menunjukkan bahwa masing-masing kriteria kelayakan bisnis memiliki nilai diatas standar kelayakan yang ditentukan, sehingga produksi rancangan produk rak buku kayu dengan roda dinyatakan layak produksi.</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Unrelated parallel machine scheduling with dependent time set up using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm 2021-05-07T09:36:06+07:00 Farida Pulansari Triyono Dwi Retno M. <p><em> </em></p><p>The problem of scheduling unrelated parallel machines is very important in industry. Scheduling is useful to save company resources, one of them is in the terms of time. By minimizing makespan and tardiness, companies can fulfill them quickly and precisely. It focuses on the problem of unrelated parallel machine scheduling with the aim of minimizing makespan and tardiness with consideration of time set up. This paper presents how unrelated parallel machine scheduling uses the ant colony optimization algorithm approach. The results of the ant colony optimization algorithm scheduling obtained show optimal values. This is indicated by the savings in the makespan value of 37 hours and tardiness value of 2 hours.</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri The Effect of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction by Moderation of Organizational Culture and Price (Case Study: ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratory in the Provincial Government of West Sumatra) 2021-01-11T14:16:22+07:00 iswahyuningsih iswahyuningsih iswahyuningsih iswahyuningsih iswahyuningsih iswahyuningsih Nilda Tri Putri elita amrina amrina alizar hasan hasan <p><em>Quality is an important thing to continue to be discussed anywhere and anytime. Service quality is a determining factor in satisfying customers in order to achieve economic improvement. Based on previous research, it was found that there is a relationship between organizational culture and customer satisfaction. The quality culture in a laboratory organization reflects the overall organizational culture. This is in line with the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 which requires the application of a quality culture in a calibration laboratory. Price is also an element that needs to be analyzed in order to achieve customer satisfaction in a calibration laboratory. This study aims to analyze the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction by moderating organizational culture and prices in an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory in the province of West Sumatra. The data was collected by distributing questionnaires to 93 respondents from government agencies and private companies in West Sumatra. Then, the data processed using the method of Structural Equation Modeling – Partial Least Square (SEM-PLS). The results of this study indicate that service quality, organizational culture, and price have a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction in a calibration laboratory. Moderation of organizational culture and price have no significant effect on the relationship of service quality to customer satisfaction in a calibration laboratory.</em></p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Pengembangan Model Persediaan Probabilistik Multi Item pada Gudang Terbatas dengan Mempertimbangkan All-Unit Discount dan Kedaluwarsa 2021-01-05T07:43:00+07:00 Roland Y. H. Silitonga <p>Karakteristik yang dipertimbangkan pada penelitian ini adalah <em>demand </em>yang bersifat probabilistik, produk yang bersifat <em>perishable </em>dan keterbatasan kapasitas gudang untuk model persediaan <em>multi item</em>. Kondisi ini terjadi pada beberapa industri yang mempertimbangkan faktor kedaluwarsa dan keterbatasan kapasitas gudang yaitu perusahaan-perusahaan yang memproduksi makanan, agen penjualan makanan, dan <em>retail </em>yang menjual barang kepada pelanggan<em> </em>akhir. Pendekatan <em>Karush-Kuhn-Tucker </em>(KKT)<em> Conditions </em>digunakan untuk menyelesaikan masalah kapasitas gudang karena dapat mencari titik optimum dari suatu fungsi berkendala. Hasil pada model persediaan yang dikembangkan akan memberikan dua waktu pemesanan optimal yaitu waktu pemesanan berdasarkan kapasitas gudang dan waktu pemesanan <em>joint order</em> di mana kedua nilai waktu pemesanan akan dibandingkan untuk menentukan waktu pemesanan mana yang optimal. Analisis sensitivitas dilakukan pada model ini untuk melihat perilaku total biaya, perubahan waktu pemesanan, dan jumlah barang yang mengalami kedaluwarsa. Beberapa parameter yang dianalisis untuk uji sensitivitas ini adalah kapasitas gudang, fraksi barang baik, biaya simpan per unit per periode, dan ketentuan unit diskon. Hasil uji coba dan analisis sensitivitas model menunjukkan bahwa total biaya, berdasarkan nilai Tjoint, sensitif terhadap parameter fraksi barang baik, ketentuan unit diskon, dan biaya simpan. Nilai joint order tidak sensitif terhadap parameter kapasitas gudang. Secara keseluruhan model yang dikembangkan dianggap mampu menggambarkan perilaku setiap komponen model</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Design of The Ordering Schedule Using Bat Algorithm and Firefly Algorithm in Bottleneck Condition to Minimized Makespan 2021-01-04T09:21:20+07:00 Sumiharni Batubara Nilla Nilla <p><em>The high level of competition is closely related with the fulfillment of customer satisfaction. One measure of customer satisfaction is that, the customer reservation can be completed on time and in the correct amount. The research is conducted in PT Fastec, this company is the manufacturing industry, a manufacturer of several components of the motorized vehicle with the ordering system named make to order. Based on field observation, when the production is on the process, there is a product buildup in one of the work station that resulted the production process being hampered, which make the delivery order to the customers are getting late. This research has a goal to identify which work station that makes the flow obstruction and to design a good schedule that can help company to reduce the late order for customers. </em></p><p><em>At the beginning of the research, the researcher identifies the work station bottleneck with the Theory of Constraint. And for the small capacities problem that occurred, it is proposed to add a time buffer. The next step is making an order schedule for the bottleneck work station by using the Bat Algorithm and Firefly Algorithm to minimize the makespan, which hopefully can reduce the number of late work. In this step, an algorithm that resulted in the smaller makespan is chosen, which can result in a smaller number of late orders. </em></p><p><em>This research result in the ordering schedule with the minimization of time lateness. The schedule with Bat Algorithm has successfully minimized the lateness from 83% lateness to 10% lateness. The determination of the schedule when the order starts working depart from the bottleneck work station so that the limited capacities do not hamper the completion process of the order to be completed according to plan. In the next period, this study result can be used to run the ordering schedule. And for further research, it is more specific to developed software for data processing, so the time used to process the data can be more shortened compared to manually.</em></p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri On-Foot Hyperlocal Delivery - An Overview, Challenges, and Opportunities: Case Studies in Korea 2021-01-19T09:29:03+07:00 Bernardo Nugroho Yahya During the Covid19 pandemic, many local business were struggling to survive. With the rising of click and collect solutions, business strives to survive by offering pick-up points and maintaining the social distance policy. The demand for goods and services of customers are met instantly from the local offline shops via digital platform. Meanwhile, local businesses in a specific geographical area are still striving from the hard times due to least popularity and competitivenes in the services such as delivery. Hyperlocal delivery comes into the logistics industry to meet the issues from local businesses. While the hyperlocal delivery terminology is still new, there have been some real world practices. This study attempts to define the hyperlocal delivery and explore multiple case studies to analyze the on-foot delivery as a rising of quick commerce in the gig economy. The multiple case studies will take place on the hyperlocal delivery business models in South Korea. The overview of the hyperlocal “on-foot” delivery will be described in four dimension of analysis; strategy, customer, cost-revenue, and process model. At the end, some research challenges and opportunities are presented to show how the research communities can contribute to the field 2021-04-26T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Teknik Industri Ecobricks In The Utilization of Plastic Waste As Chair Products To Increase Revenue In Support of SWOT-QSPM Integration Marketing Model 2021-01-04T09:05:16+07:00 Ana Komari Lolyka Dewi Indrasari Afiff Yudha Tripariyanto <p><em>Unepped waste control will have an impact on the environment, especially plastic waste. One way of managing with ecobrix techniques to make seat products. Thus, it can provide a selling point. More than that, marketing the product requires the right strategy. This study aims to find out the selling price of ecobriks-based seat products and marketing models using SWOT – QSPM integration. The research method made observations on 60 ml plastic bottle waste and snack wrap to be designed. Chair design modeling using SkecthUp 2014 software. Processing into ecobrix with adequate equipment and the main material is a 600 ml plastic bottle and snack wrap. Grouping cost types, calculating selling prices and choosing strategies based on the highest to lowest attractiveness values. The results of this study, stated that the seat model has a selling price of Rp. 131.250,- per seat unit made of ecobrix. The marketing model is sorted with the greatest attractiveness value, firstly that adequate equipment will facilitate the management process worth 10.43; secondly, competent human resources do not become a barrier in waste management even though the population increases benrilai 6.76; the third is the garbage sorting activity involving garbage collectors to make it easier for craftsmen to make ecobrix chairs worth 4.47.</em></p><p><em> </em></p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Simulation Modeling for Quay Crane Scheduling Problem at a Container Terminal 2020-12-16T07:50:59+07:00 Maulin Masyito Putri Muhammad Faisal Ibrahim Ahmad Rusdiansyah Triwardani Ratih Rifki This research develops a quay crane scheduling (QC) algorithm to solve the Quay Crane Scheduling Problem (QCSP) at a container terminal. QC scheduling is influenced by the ship's arrival time, so in doing QC scheduling, it is necessary to know the allocation of quay for berthing the ships. The process of loading and unloading ships must also follow the stowage plan of each ship and there is a safe limit between QC in operation. So, it is necessary to arrange the sequence of loading unloading process with the lowest waiting time and berthing time. Therefore, this research will develop 2 algorithms: 1) QC assignment algorithm; and 2) loading unloading process algorithm. The objective of the algorithm is to minimize the waiting time of QC. Both algorithms will be simulated with simulation software. Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Multi-Objective Optimization of Machining Parameters for Multi-Pass CNC Turning to Minimize Carbon Emissions, Energy, Noise and Cost 2021-04-30T09:05:00+07:00 Bening Maulina Fittamami Eko Pujiyanto Yusuf Priyandari Global warming is a huge environmental issue today. This is due to the high level of world carbon emissions. The manufacturing process accounts for 30% of the world's carbon emissions production. To reduce carbon emission levels caused by the manufacturing process, sustainable manufacturing is necessary to implement at this time. There are three aspects in sustainable manufacturing, namely environmental aspects, economic aspects and social aspects. These three aspects can be implemented in the machining process by optimizing machining parameters in multi-pass CNC turning. This research aims to optimize CNC turning machining parameters by considering energy consumption, carbon emissions, noise and production cost. The model is solved using Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm in Matlab 2016b then the transformation and weighting functions are carried out from the feasible value. Based on the optimization results, the total energy consumption value obtained is 2.75 MJ; total production cost is $ 2.73; total carbon emissions are 7.2 kgCO2, and noise is 236, 17 dB. Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Work Risk Assessment Using the Strain Index Method along with the Proposed Improvement in Bu Kus Tofu Factory 2020-12-09T16:26:55+07:00 Fatma Rizki Hardiana Bu Kus tofu factory is one of the cottage industries in Cilacap that produces soybean raw materials into tofu. The production process is still relatively simple and is predominantly carried out using human labour. Work in a tofu factory requires muscular physical exertion. Based on observations and interviews at Bu Kus tofu factory, workers often complain of fatigue at work which can lead to increased work risks. This research was conducted to identify and determine which production processes have a high level of work risk so that improvement proposals are needed. The research was conducted by using the strain index method used to determine the physical workload of tofu factory workers and the NIDA method used to assist in the design process in the proposed improvement. Six work processes are identified using the strain index method. The results of the study based on the strain index method can be concluded that three work processes are at a low-risk level with a score of &lt;3, two work processes with a score of 3 - ≤ 7 and there is one work process that is at a high-risk level with a JSI score value&gt; 7. For work processes that have a high level of risk, namely in the design process, improvement proposals are required. Proposed improvement are given by designing a tool that can assist the filtering process in the form of a supporting tool. Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri In-Depth Research of Industry 4.0 Strategy and Organization Readiness among Spare-Parts Manufacturer in Indonesia 2020-12-07T07:46:28+07:00 Ishardita Pambudi Tama Ceria Farela Mada Tantrika Dewi Hardiningtyas Effendi Mohamad Industry 4.0 includes concepts, tools and applications that complement a smart embedded system of machines able to communicate with each other and people and perform autonomous tasks in industrial production processes. To determine the level of strategic and organizational readiness of spare parts manufacturer in Indonesia, this study was conducted by adopting the Industrie 4.0 Readiness model by VDMA. From 57 small-medium enterprises in Indonesia, researcher collect data related with current state of knowledge and strategy implementation of Industry 4.0. It can be concluded that most of them (56%) were still in the beginner level, 14% were in the outsider level, and the rest had started the implementation. Assistance and guidance are highly essential today to ensure the readiness of spare parts manufacturer in facing Industry 4.0. Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri New Product Development Method Trends and Future Research: A Systematic Literature Review 2021-05-03T09:10:35+07:00 Muhammad Shodiq Abdul Khannan Alva Edi Tontowi Muhammad Kusumawan Herliansyah Andi Sudiarso Research on new product development (NPD) has led to tools, methods, models, and frameworks that enable researchers to develop better products. However, a comprehensive review of the methods, models, and frameworks related to NPD is lacking. This literature study aims to identify research trends, methods, and frameworks used in NPD between 2010 and 2020. A systematic literature review is conducted by developing a structured research protocol. An analysis of 50 selected papers shows that research on NPD can be categorized into 15 conceptual papers, 6 review papers, 28 case studies, and 1 survey paper. This paper provides an overview of each tool and presents future research opportunities. This paper concludes that future research can be directed toward combining several of these methods to design products that satisfy consumer desires with shorter design times, aspects of NPD collaboration, and aspects of changing consumer preferences. Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Modeling multi channel distribution part of a supply chain system 2021-04-26T20:07:34+07:00 Petrus Setya Murdapa <p><em>The industry will generally consist of supply chain systems. The main constituents of any supply chain system are suppliers, factories, distribution centers and retailers. The form of the configuration can be a straight chain, branched, cyclic, or a combination thereof. One very important discussion is the development of a model in the branching part of the system caused by the presence of several suppliers involved (upstream), and / or by the existence of several distribution channels (downstream). This paper deals specifically with the downstream part, which is branching due to the existence of several distribution channels. The developed markovian model generalizes the number of distribution channels. Some of the variables involved are: reproduction point (r), production stopping time (R), production rate, delivery lotsize, delivery distance (expressed in time units), and the inventory cycle time of each channel warehouse. The system is seen as a case of two echelons, namely factories and distribution channels. For an example of a case with certain conditions, it turns out that the numerical model developed gives satisfactory results, seen from a quite small difference compared to the simulation results. So, in the future the model can be applied to complement the modeling of a more complex supply chain system in which there is a multi-channel distribution.</em></p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Developing A Group Model Building Causal Loop Diagram to Understand Millennial Generation Trust in Twitter as Early Warning System for Natural Disaster 2021-04-01T09:06:35+07:00 Hilya Mudrika Arini Nurul Lathifah Fina Ananda <p>Nowadays, Twitter is used as an Early Warning System (EWS) for disasters because of the speed and a large number of users. Based on data from <em>Asosiasi Penyedia Jasa Internet Indonesia</em> (APJII), in 2017, almost 50% of internet users in Indonesia are residents who was born in 1983-1998 or called millennial generation. Therefore, the purposes of this study are 1) to identify factors that influence the trust of millennial generations on Twitter as an EWS and 2) to see the relationships between factors through Causal Loop Diagrams (CLD) and verify it using Focus Group Discussion (FGD)<em> </em>method<em>. </em>This study involves 10 participants from millennial generation, which consist of 5 Twitter passive users and 5 Twitter active users. Semi-structured interview was conducted to all participants in order to build the initial model, then the model was being verified in Focus Group Discussion. From this study, a group model building CLD that represents the influencing factors and their relationship of millennial generation trust in Twitter as EWS for natural disaster is successfully developed. The tweet frequency, the number of followers, the account credibility, the verified account, the level of trust in social media, and the content quality are the factors of active and passive user to trust in a twitter as EWS for natural disaster.</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Human Error dalam Berkendara Berdasarkan Kebiasaan Pelanggaran oleh Pengemudi 2020-11-29T09:10:48+07:00 Lovely Lady Ani Umyati <p><em>Human error</em> adalah tindakan tidak penting yang dapat menurunkan efektfitas, safety, and performansi sebuah sistem. <em>Human error</em> bisa disebabkan oleh tindakan tidak aman <em>(</em><em>unsafe acts</em><em>)</em> yaitu jenis kesalahan yang dilakukan subjek pelaku karena <em>errors</em> atau melakukan pelanggaran prosedur. Penelitian ini bertujuan mengidentifikasi <em>human error</em> dalam berkendara berdasarkan jenis penyimpangan yang sering dilakukan pengemudi dan menganalisa pengaruh faktor usia dan jenis kelamin terhadap penyimpangan lalu lintas. Pengumpulan data menggunakan <em>Driver Behavior Questionaire</em> (DBQ). Terdapat sebanyak 325 responden yang mengisi kuesioner yang terdiri atas 72.31% respondent laki-laki dan 27.69% responden perempuan dengan rentang usia antara 18 sampai 65 tahun. Pertanyaan dalam kuesioner disusun berdasarkan kelompok penyimpangan yang dilakukan pengemudi, terdapat empat tipe kebiasaan salah dalam mengemudi yaitu <em>error, lapse, violation dan aggresive violations</em>. Tipe kesalahan <em>lapse</em> merupakan pelanggaran yang paling sering dilakukan oleh pengemudi. Kelompok umur remaja melakukan pelanggaran lebih tinggi dibanding kelompok dewasa dan usia pertengahan untuk semua tipe penyimpangan lalu lintas. Kelompok laki-laki secara signifikan lebih sering melakukan kesalahan tipe <em>violation</em> (a =0.00) dan <em>aggresive violation</em> (a=0.014) dibandingkan kelompok perempuan. Kedua tipe kesalahan ini merupakan pelanggaran yang sengaja dan sadar dilakukan untuk mencapai tujuan tertentu. </p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri RISK HANDLING STRATEGY OF ACCIDENT AT PT. IKAD WITH HORR METHOD (House of Risk) 2020-11-24T13:28:41+07:00 Tolona Gulo <p>Masalah keselamatan dan kesehatan kerja (K3) secara umum di Indonesia masih sering terabaikan. Hal ini ditunjukkan dengan masih tingginya angka kecelakaan kerja. Sektor jasa konstruksi adalah salah satu sektor yang paling berisiko terhadap kecelakaan kerja. Dalam penelitian ini peneliti menukan bahwa di PT. Ikad memiliki tingkat risiko kecelakaan yang cukup tinggi sehingga perlu adanya penanganan lebih lanjut guna meminimalkan tingkat kecelakaan kerja. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui penyebab terjadinya kecelakaan kerja di PT. Ikad. Metode yang di gunakan dalam penelitian ini dalah menggunakan metode house of risk yang terdiri dari 2 fase. Fase pertama yaitu pengidentifikasi risiko dan agen risiko, yang kemudian dilakukan perhitungan nilai aggregate risk priority (ARP). Fase kedua yaitu penanganan risiko. Pengumpulan data meliputi jumlah kasus kecelakaan kerja di PT. ikad tahun 2019 bulan januari sampai juli. Hasil pengolahan data menggunakan metode house of risk 1 dan 2, di peroleh jumlah kasus kecelakaan tertinggi terjadi di bagian BP dengan nilai ARP 177 dan kecelakaan terendah terjadi di bagian P1 dengan nilai ARP 13. Dari hasil tersebut diharpkan PT. Ikad dapat memperbaiki sistem keselamatan kerja di perusahaan guna menurunkan tingkat kecelakaan kerja sehingga para karyawan merasa aman dan nyaman ketika meraka melakukan pekerjaannya.</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Simulation Modeling for Quay Crane Scheduling Problem at a Container Port 2020-11-18T08:18:53+07:00 Maulin Masyito Putri <p>This research develops a quay crane scheduling (QC) algorithm to solve the Quay Crane Scheduling Problem (QCSP) at a container terminal. QC scheduling is influenced by the ship's arrival time, so in doing QC scheduling, it is necessary to know the allocation of quay for berthing the ships. The process of loading and unloading ships must also follow the stowage plan of each ship and there is a safe limit between QC in operation. So, it is necessary to arrange the sequence of loading unloading process with the lowest makespan. Therefore, this research will develop 2 algorithms: 1) QC assignment algorithm; and 2) loading unloading process algorithm. The objective of the algorithm is to minimize the waiting time of QC. Both algorithms will be simulated with simulation software.</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri ANALISIS PERAMALAN PENJUALAN UNTUK PENGENDALIAN STOCK DENGAN METODE EOQ PADA OPTIMALISASI KOPI DI KEDAI KAWAN KOPI 2020-11-18T08:14:58+07:00 Muhammad Fadel Mughni Parayil TOTOK PUJIANTO IRFAN ARDIANSYAH <p><em>One of the important aspects in maintaining the stability of manufacturing and production companies is having a good inventory planning and control system. The planning and control system can be created through certain methods. This can be seen in a company of coffeeshop, namely the "KOPI KAWAN" shop.</em> <em>High market demand and the increasing level of coffee consumption, especially in Bandung and its surroundings, have made Kawan Kopi experiencing stockouts of 3-5 times in the past year. From this fact, the company requires a good calculation in terms of demand every month to maintain the availability of raw coffee material stocks appropriate and to avoid a stockout. This research is a type of quantitative analytic research where data analysis is carried out after all the necessary data is obtained, and in order to solve a problem, each data will be analyzed. Most of the data obtained in this study are quantitative data and the qualitative data obtained will be quantified so that it can be analyzed quantitatively. The results of this study indicate that the best forecasting method for robusta is by using SARIMA method with the orde [(0,1,1)(0,1,1)<sub>4</sub>] and for blend is by using ARIMA with the orde (0,1,2) based at the assumptions that have been fulfilled as well as seeing the smallest MSE and inventory procurement in January and February 2020 is</em> <em>Rp64.286 for robusta and </em><em>Rp79.598 for blend</em><em> </em><em>by looking at expired of the coffee.</em></p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Analisis Identifikasi Kebutuhan Mainan Anak dalam Masa Golden Age 2020-11-11T07:31:08+07:00 William Elian Gandana <p>Setiap manusia dibekali otak sebagai pusat kecerdasan dan pusat kendali semua sistem di dalam tubuh. Pertumbuhan dan perkembangan jaringan otak dipengaruhi oleh rangsangan lingkungan atau pengalaman anak pada tahun-tahun awal kehidupannya. Fenomena ini disebut “fase golden age”. Selama fase kritis dan sensitif ini, anak-anak memiliki potensi yang luar biasa dalam mengembangkan bahasa, cara berpikir, kemampuan emosional, dan sebagainya. Pada dasarnya pendekatan terbaik yang mencakup semua aspek utama dan familiar bagi anak-anak adalah melalui permainan. Yang pasti, bahan mainan harus aman untuk anak-anak; Permainan harus inovatif agar anak tidak mudah bosan dan cocok untuk perkembangan otak fase golden age. Namun sayangnya tidak dapat dipungkiri, masih sangat minimnya penelitian tentang hal-hal penting tersebut. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kebutuhan dan keinginan anak tentang mainan di masa keemasannya, termasuk spesifikasi dan karakteristik yang diperoleh dari kuesioner yang dibagikan secara online dan pengolahan analisis data.</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Development of Mathematical Model to Solve Distribution System Problem Considering Odd – Even Vehicle Number Rule 2021-03-30T13:12:54+07:00 Andika Dwi Nugraha This research discusses the goods distribution system in the urban area considers the odd-even vehicle license number plate rule. This rule enables the vehicles whose license plate end in even number are only allowed through particular roads on even-numbered dates and vice versa, during certain time interval that have been determined by the authority. Furthermore, this policy potentially rising the company’s logistic cost up to 20 %. Therefore, a Mixed-Integer Linear Programming model is developed to solve the problem. The performance of model is tested by some numerical examples. Computational results show that the mathematical model could produce optimal solutions with numerous computational time. The instances of customers that are located randomly and clustered manner (i.e. mix) are arduous to solve. The computational time average of these instances are 1 hour and 35 minutes. Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Predicting the Readiness of Indonesia Manufacturing Companies toward Industry 4.0: A Machine Learning Approach 2020-11-06T13:10:07+07:00 Sean Yonathan Tanjung <p>This research discusses Indonesia's readiness to implement industry 4.0. We classified the Indonesia manufacturing companies' readiness, which is listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange, in industry 4.0 based on the 2018 annual reports. We considered 38 variables from those reports and reduced them using principal component analysis into 11 variables. Using clustering analysis on the reduced dataset, we found three clusters representing the readiness level in implementing industry 4.0. Finally, we used the decision tree for analysing the classification rules. As the finding of this study, Total book value of the machine is the variable that defined the readiness of a company in industry 4.0. The bigger those values are, the more ready a company to compete in industry 4.0. The other measures, i.e., Total cost of revenue by total revenue; Direct labor cost; Total revenue/Total employee and Transportation cost/Total revenue, will define the readiness of a manufacturing company to transform into industry 4.0. or not ready to transform into industry 4.0.</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Pengembangan Model Matematis untuk Menyelesaikan Masalah Sistem Distribusi Mempertimbangkan Aturan Nomor Kendaraan Ganjil dan Genap 2020-11-05T11:03:41+07:00 Andika Dwi Nugraha <div>Penelitian ini membahas tentang permasalahan distribusi barang di area perkotaan dengan mempertimbangkan aturan nomor kendaraan ganjil dan genap. Aturan ini memungkinkan kendaraan logistik dengan nomor plat genap hanya boleh diizinkan untuk melalui ruas jalan tertentu pada tanggal genap dan begitu pula sebaliknya, selama rentang waktu tertentu yang sudah ditetapkan oleh pemerintah. Lebih lanjut lagi, aturan ini berpotensi dapat meningkatkan biaya logistik perusahaan sebesar 20 %. Oleh sebab itu, sebuah model Mixed-Integer Linear Programming dikembangkan guna menyelesaikan masalah tersebut. Kineja model ini diuji dengan menggunakan sejumlah contoh numerik, Hasil komputasi menunjukkan bahwa model matematis ini dapat menghasilkan solusi optimal dengan waktu penyelesaian yang beragam. Permasalahan dengan kategori letak customer yang terdistribusi secara acak dan berkelompok (campuran) menjadi persoalan yang sangat sulit untuk diselesaikan. Rata – rata waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan tersebut yakni 1 jam 35 menit. </div><div> </div> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Analysis of the Implementation of Organizational Culture at the Dumai City Regional General Hospital in 2020 2020-10-26T07:55:21+07:00 Retno Mulyati Budi Hartono Lita Lita Kiswanto Kiswanto Yanwir Kamal <p><em>An organization must have a good performance to exist and excel in the competition. The organization that is built certainly has certain goals and to achieve these goals requires the role of human resources (HR), where these resources are so vital and determine the success of the organization concerned. The research objective was to analyze the implementation of organizational culture at the Dumai City Hospital in 2020. This type of research was qualitative with the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. This research was conducted at RSUD Dumai City. The informants in the study were the Head of Services, Head of Administration, Head of Finance and Programs, Head of Nursing, Head of Installation, Nursing Committee and Officers, purposive sampling technique. Data analysis was performed by data triangulation. Based on the results of the research, it was obtained from several fields researched that the administration sector still lacks organizational involvement in the Dumai City Hospital, while all fields studied are quite consistent in carrying out their duties and functions and have been able to adapt well to the changes in existing regulations, and in each field. has carried out tasks in accordance with the achievement of the mission targets that are already in the hospital. AHP results with scor 62% obtained that the involvement of officers related to human resources is a priority to solve problems in organizational culture at Dumai City Hospital. It is hoped that the Dumai City Hospital can improve the quality of resources, especially involving officers in hospital activities to implement an organizational culture at the Dumai City Hospital by providing training to both government employeesand Non government employees</em><em>.</em><em></em></p><p> </p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri INVENTORY OPTIMIZATION MODELING OF SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE (NaClo) PRODUCTS USING METAHURISTIC AND SIMULATION APPROACHES 2020-10-26T08:01:43+07:00 Rusman Zaenal Abidin Rusman Zaenal Abidin <p class="western" style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 115%;" lang="en-US" align="justify"><span style="font-family: Times New Roman, serif;"><span style="font-size: medium;">The purpose of this research is to know and evaluate the Inventory Management system in the company. Calculating and analyzing the optimum raw material inventory method for the company using the heuristic method. The research method is a case study using a qualitative approach research with interviews and literature study. The results of this study are to maintain the continuity of the production process as stipulated in the master production schedule, the company must make a planning strategy for the procurement of raw materials to be used. Heutiristic optimization and simulation are very appropriate to be implemented so that the raw material needs can be met properly. Currently, the company has not developed a system if there are cases or regulations related to Naclo's inventory planning and has not simulated it well so it is not difficult to find other cases and as a reference for the company. Inventory planning with ILP techniques, Metaheuristic with VRP and simulation as the best heuteristic techniques of metaheuristic theory compared to existing theories. This allows for alternatives that are neither excessive nor less when required by the company.</span></span></p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Integrating Human Behavior and Safety Measure into Evacuation Route Planning in a Volcanic Crisis 2021-01-19T09:29:03+07:00 Budhi Wibowo Budi Hartono <p>Many traditional methods in evacuation route planning are motivated by the operational objective, such as total travel/clearance time. Little attention has been given to the human factor and the safety aspect of the evacuees during the planning phase. Our study aims to propose a simple yet practical route planning method that simultaneously considers human behavior, safety factor, and the travel time in a volcanic crisis context. The planning model is developed based on the shortest-path problem with a joint-cost parameter representing the three aspects. We present a large-scale street network in Merapi volcano as a case study. The result implies that employing a joint-cost parameter is effective for creating an evacuation route that is reasonably safe and in line with human cognition in navigation. The finding offers practical insights for the stakeholders as part of the greater effort to develop a systematic disaster management plan.<strong></strong></p> 2021-04-26T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Teknik Industri PENGEMBANGAN ALAT OLAHRAGA KURSI RODA BALAP BERBASIS ANTROPHOMETRI DAN ERGONOMI ANAK TUNA DAKSA 2020-10-23T13:50:01+07:00 ulwa humairok gandes <p align="center"><strong>PENGEMBANGAN ALAT OLAHRAGA KURSI RODA BALAP</strong></p><p align="center"><strong>BERBASIS ANTROPHOMETRI DAN ERGONOMI </strong></p><p align="center"><strong>ANAK TUNA DAKSA</strong></p><p> </p><p align="center">Abstrak</p><p align="center"><strong>Ulwa Humairok GL<a title="" href="file:///D:/THESIS/skripsi%20tunadaksa/tesis%20ulwa/JURNAL%20kursi%20roda.docx#_ftn1"><strong>[1]</strong></a>, Dwi Aries Himawanto<a title="" href="file:///D:/THESIS/skripsi%20tunadaksa/tesis%20ulwa/JURNAL%20kursi%20roda.docx#_ftn2"><strong>[2]</strong></a>, Herry Widyastono<a title="" href="file:///D:/THESIS/skripsi%20tunadaksa/tesis%20ulwa/JURNAL%20kursi%20roda.docx#_ftn3"><strong>[3]</strong></a></strong></p><p align="center"><strong>Pendidikan Luar Biasa Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta</strong></p><p align="center"><strong></strong></p><p align="center"> </p><p align="center"> </p><p>Olahraga merupakan gerakan tubuh yang teratur dengan irama yang ditujukan untuk memperbaiki kebugaran tubuh. Manusia melakukan kegiatan olahraga mempunyai maksud dan tujuan untuk meningkatkan kualitas hidupnya. Setiap manusia mempunyai kesempatan yang sama untuk meningkatkan kualitas hidup, baik manusia normal maupun yang memiliki kebutuhan khusus. Adapun pembelajaran pendidikan jasmani khusus yang dilakukan, yaitu pendidikan untuk anak yang memiliki kecacatan atau Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus (ABK). Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana pengembangan kursi roda balap untuk aktivitas balap kursi roda bagi anak tunadaksa. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian RnD yaitu pengembangan media atau alat olahraga bagi anak tunadaksa. Metode penelitian yang akan digunakan adalah metode literatur, yaitu pengumpulana data dari buku pustaka, kemudia dicari data dari paper yang mendukung. Setelah itu data yang terkumpul di analisa, sehingga dihasilkan kesimpulan. Data sekunder diperoleh dari buku pustaka yang mendasari teknologi pendidikan anak luar biasa. Data primer diperoleh dari paper atau jurnal yang ada di situs-situs resmi di internet. Data yang sudah terkumpul disusun kemudia dianalisis , sehingga diperoleh suatu kesimpulan yang sesuai. Kesimpulannya anak tunadaksa membutuhkan media kursi roda berbasis antrophometri dan ergonomis ergonomis sesuai dengan kebutuhan yang dimodifikasi sehingga menghasilkan kursi roda balap.</p><p> </p><p>Keyword: olahraga, tunadaksa, antrophometri, ergonomis, kursi roda balap</p><p> </p><p> </p><div><hr align="left" size="1" width="33%" /><div><p><a title="" href="file:///D:/THESIS/skripsi%20tunadaksa/tesis%20ulwa/JURNAL%20kursi%20roda.docx#_ftnref1">[1]</a> Mahasiswa S2 Magister Pendidikan Luar Biasa Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta.</p></div><div><p><a title="" href="file:///D:/THESIS/skripsi%20tunadaksa/tesis%20ulwa/JURNAL%20kursi%20roda.docx#_ftnref2">[2]</a> Dosen S2 Magister Pendidikan Luar Biasa Universitas Sebelas Maret.</p></div><div><p><a title="" href="file:///D:/THESIS/skripsi%20tunadaksa/tesis%20ulwa/JURNAL%20kursi%20roda.docx#_ftnref3">[3]</a> Dosen S2 Magister Pendidikan Luar Biasa Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta.</p></div></div> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Fuzzy FMEA application to identification risk in-process production of Toyota Hi-Ace Wiring Harness Product 2020-10-23T13:54:04+07:00 Diah Septiyana <p><em>The high failure rate problem is the amount of goods defect. The production company of Wiring Harness product which is consistent in producing a quality product. There are several types of defects that have a high enough percentage. To solve the problem need to identify the failures to get the assessment information of the three risk factors (i.e., severity, occurrence, and detection). Our research using the traditional FMEA method at the production of Wiring Harness products to shows the current condition of various modes of failure in those areas. To improve the effectiveness of the traditional FMEA, develop a fuzzy-FMEA approach for risk and failure mode analysis in Wiring Harness Product. In this study, focuses on implementing fuzzy FMEA to identify the potential risks that may occur along with the assembling of the Wiring Harness process. THE fuzzy FMEA approach is preventing product and process problems before they occur, this paper also expected to result in some mitigation effort that can be applied to improve the Wiring Harness production process. With Fuzzy FMEA we found the highest FRPN value that shows the highest defect such as damage insulation is 8.5, damage terminal is 8.5, and the damaged part is 8.5 and the highest RPN from the traditional FMEA is damage insulation (324). To solve this problem we propose to use the fishbone diagram and give suggestions for improvements to the highest failure modes that are damaged insulation.</em></p><p><em> </em></p><p>Keywords:<em> </em><em>FMEA, Fuzzy FMEA, Wiring Harness, Risk, Toyota</em></p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri OVERSTOCK IMPROVEMENT BY EFFECTIVE PRODUCTION PLANNING 2020-10-23T13:48:01+07:00 Hasbullah Hasbullah Yadi Santoso Algi Fahri <p><em>Optimum stock inventory level is an essential factor in inefficient production. Overstock is an obstacle to achieving optimum cost. The purpose of this paper is to provide solutions in Overstock in the electronic spare parts industry by comparing the various approaches Forecasting, EOQ, ROP with DDMRP to get the best model to obtain the inventory level Optimally. The Reset is done on the material Copper wire 0, 14mm as the primary material, which is the most expensive material and widely used in production activities. The results of this study showed that the method of DDMRP could decrease the average amount of the supply of Copper wire 0, 14mm per month from 2779 kg to 1499 kg. </em></p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri Design of Biomass Stove Based on Community Needs (Case Study: Batu Panjang, Pulau Rupat, Riau) 2020-10-13T18:20:51+07:00 Yohanes Yohanes Yohanes Yohanes Anita Susilawati Aryo Sasmita Iwan Kurniawan Romy Romy <p>This study aims to design a biomass stove as a solution for lack of LPG gas in the community in Batu Panjang, Rupat Island, Riau. The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method is used in this study by elaborating consumer needs through public opinion needs (questionnaire survey) and elaboration of the characteristics of consumer needs. A House of Quality matrix was created to determine the technical characteristics for design analysis of biomass stove. The result was a development of "Rocket Stove Biomass”, which consists of a funnel for fuel, a fire funnel, a filter and an air chamber. The funnel chamber, which the fuel was made the insulation channel and the joining of the fire connector, forms an angle to increase the heat flow to funnel fuel and reduce the heat loss during cooking. The stove design is made safe, comfortable for users and environmentally friendly due to the existence of a filter and air chamber cover. The biomass stove was designed portable, and then it was light and easy to move around.</p> Copyright (c) Jurnal Teknik Industri