Green Supply Chain Performance Measurement using Green SCOR Model in Agriculture Industry: A Case Study


  • Arjuna Arjuna Universitas Kristen Maranatha, Bandung
  • Santoso Santoso Universitas Kristen Maranatha
  • Rainisa Maini Heryanto Universitas Kristen Maranatha, Bandung



Agriculture Industry, Green Supply Chain, Green Supply Chain Operations Reference (GSCOR), Performance Measurement


The agriculture industry has proliferated in the last decades, increasing the envi­ron­mental footprint. Several development concepts include integrating the ecological aspect into the supply chain to reduce environmental degradation. In implementing the idea, companies in the agriculture industry need to evaluate their performance in the environmental area. This measure­ment uses the Green Supply Chain Operations Reference (GSCOR) Model that provides its entire supply chain aspect. This study demonstrates that the enable parameter criterion, which shows the magnitude of employee management toward environmental requirements, significantly impacts supply chain performance. Other criteria are also critical, such as a plan that considers every entity's usage and a source that considers the supply of the entities. The performance measurement produces a 6.357 value in the yellow color category with an average condition in the company. It produces three key performance indicators (KPI), such as water usage, percentage hazardous materials in inventory, and percentage hazardous waste, with a red classification that should be improved.


Author Biographies

Arjuna Arjuna, Universitas Kristen Maranatha, Bandung

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Kristen Maranatha, Jl. Surya Sumantri no. 65, Bandung 40164, Indonesia

Santoso Santoso, Universitas Kristen Maranatha

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Kristen Maranatha, Jl. Surya Sumantri no. 65, Bandung 40164, Indonesia

Rainisa Maini Heryanto, Universitas Kristen Maranatha, Bandung

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Kristen Maranatha, Jl. Surya Sumantri no. 65, Bandung 40164, Indonesia


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