An Analytical Network Process for Selecting Raw Material Suppliers of UNP100: A Case Study


  • Kirana Rukmayuninda Ririh Universitas Pancasila Jakarta
  • Desinta Rahayu Ningtyas Universitas Pancasila Jakarta
  • Fikri Taufiq Rahman Universitas Pancasila Jakarta



Decision Making, Supplier Selection, Analytic Network Process, supermatrix


A UNP-100 is a canal iron that connects the storage area (bin) to the frame of a truck. Therefore, the selection of UNP-100 suppliers is an essential process. Suppliers are chosen to provide high-quality materials, in-time deliveries, affordable prices, and excellent services, the applied analytical network process (ANP) in this study. The quantitative method is conducted through questionnaires, and the qualitative method is by interviews. After distributing the questionnaires, calculations are carried out to assess suppliers by constructing an ANP supermatrix. The respondents are the purchasing managers, the quality managers, and the PPIC managers. The criteria to choose suitable suppliers are packaging (0.060), price (0.212), customer care (0.712), delivery (0.103), and quality (0.351). The prioritized UNP-100 suppliers are PT. KPPE (0.346), PT. KPS (0.344), and PT. SME (0.31).

Author Biographies

Kirana Rukmayuninda Ririh, Universitas Pancasila Jakarta

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Pancasila, Jl. Raya LentengAgung, 56-80, Srengseng Sawah, Jakarta Selatan, 12640, Indonesia

Desinta Rahayu Ningtyas, Universitas Pancasila Jakarta

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Pancasila, Jl. Raya LentengAgung, 56-80, Srengseng Sawah, Jakarta Selatan, 12640, Indonesia

Fikri Taufiq Rahman, Universitas Pancasila Jakarta

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Pancasila, Jl. Raya LentengAgung, 56-80, Srengseng Sawah, Jakarta Selatan, 12640, Indonesia


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