A Hybrid Greedy Algorithm and Simulated Annealing for Single Container Loading Problem: A Case Study

Gede A Widyadana, Audrey Tedja Widjaja, Kun Jen Wang


A single container loading problem is a problem to effectively load boxes in a three-dimensional container. There are many researchers in this problem try to find the best solution to solve the problem with feasible computation time and to develop some models to solve real case problem. Heuristics are the most method used to solve this problem since the problem is an NP-hard. In this paper, we introduce a hybrid greedy algorithm and simulate annealing algorithm to solve a real container loading problem in one flexible packaging company in Indonesia. Validation is used to show that the method can be applied practically. We use seven real cases to check the validity and performance of the model. The proposed method outperformed the solution developed by the company in all seven cases with feasible computational time.


single container loading problem, greedy algorithm, simulated annealing

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