Multi-items Batch Scheduling Model for a Batch Processor to Minimize Total Actual Flow Time of Parts through the Shop

Nita P.A Hidayat, Andi Cakravastia, T.M.A Ari Samadhi, Abdul Hakim Halim


This study is inspired by a batch scheduling problem in metal working industry which guarantees to satisfy a due date as a commitment to customers. Actual flowtime adopts the backward scheduling approach and considers the due date. Using the actual flowtime as the objective means that the solution  is oriented to satisfy the due date, and simultaneosly to minimize the length of time of the parts spending in the shop. This research is to address a problem of scheduling batches consisting of multiple items of parts processed on a batch processor where the completed parts must be delivered several time at different due dates. We propose an algorithm to solve the problem.


Actual Flowtime; Batch Processor; Batch Scheduling

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