Algoritma Genetika untuk Pemecahan Masalah Rute Kendaraan dengan Ukuran dan Campuran Armada, Trip Majemuk, Pengiriman Terbagi, Produk Majemuk, dan Kendaraan dengan Kompartemen Majemuk

Suprayogi Suprayogi, Daniel Bunga Paillin


This paper discusses a variant of the basic vehicle routing problem (VRP) by including the following characteristics: fleet size and mix, multiple trips, split delivery, and multiple compartments. One of real cases of this problem is related to determining tanker’s routes in delivering fuel products from a supply port to a number of destination ports. Each tanker has several compartments where each compartment is dedicated to a certain fuel product. In this paper, a solution approach based on genetic algorithm (GA) is proposed and tested using nine hypothetical instances. Experiment results show that the proposed GA gives consistent results measured by coefficient variations


vehicle routing problem; fleet size and mix; multiple trips; split delivery; multiple compartments; genetic algorithm

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